HCS - Data Center & Network Equipment Hardware Installation


Data Center & Network Equipment Hardware Installation certification aims to produce the skilled personal with the necessary knowledge and skills on becoming a certified Data Center & Network Equipment installer.

Learning Outcome

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

1. Describe the model and specifications of Huawei servers and storage devices
2. Describe and execute the installation steps for Huawei's typical IT equipment hardware
3. Describe and implement the installation quality key points of Huawei's typical IT equipment hardware
4. Describe and implement the main points and contents of Huawei server and high-end storage engineering survey
5. Describe and perform on-site EHS management requirements

HCS Exam Passing Rate : 800/1000

Why choose us

We're HUAWEI certified training partner!

Training Duration

2 months

Entry Requirement

1. Possess at least SPM with pass in Modern Mathematics and English
2. Technical skill cert or basic skill which are related to IT or Electrical background would be preferred.

Target Audience

SPM Leavers
Working adult

Delivery Method

Lecture / Tutorial
Lab Practice

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